Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fall's Entrance

I have to admit I'm a warm weather type of person so, now that Fall has come I get into a little bit of a down mood. I know that darkness will soon hover over most of the day since the sun will go down sooner. I feel like crawling up into a ball in front of the wood stove and falling into a hibernation until Spring time again. But, that would mean missing out of some of my favorite Fall and winter things to do.
The upside I use this hibernation period to do my art, and crafts. I love to make jewelry and do scrap booking, crochet scarves and paint. I indulge in these things not to only pass time but, I truly enjoy doing them.
I also, along with my younger daughter go all out when decorating for Halloween. She and I spend a whole afternoon setting up the front porch with cobwebs, spiders, rats, and all the good scary stuff. Last year I made two life size dummies of Jason and Micheal Myers from Halloween. With the fog machine going at night really scares the poor kids! Its one of my favorite holidays along with Christmas. I think it all started a couple years ago right after Thanksgiving, that I continually play "Christmas Vacation" with Chevy Chase. I loved it just running in the background with the familiar little jingle going just adds to the tradition around here, the Crazy and funny family that we are. I think I drove my husband nuts quoting all the line of the movie. The girls loved it too and I think this is something they will always remember when the have their own home and family. It would make me so happy to think one day I would be visit their home for Christmas and they would have "Christmas Vacation" playing on TV.
Well, since fall has made an entrance to a long stretch of winter and hopefully snow, I will post pictures of what we do around the house during the solitude months!

Wanted! Blonde Jokes & Stories!

I would love to hear about some "blonde moments" you or someone you know have been so lucky to experience!
This is just for fun so why not? Do you have a good joke or a funny story? Please lets hear about them! Because, without all those blonde moments life would be so dull! It's okay to laugh at yourself! Heck, I do it on a daily basis!

(You can leave a comment and be totally anonymous!)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy Monday!

Don't we all have days like this? The phone doesn't stop ringing, your computer is loading too slow, you mess up on HTML, you cant find a file, an email or your coffee cup!
Have a great rest of the week!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Im Not as Think as I Dumb I Am!

Hey, its Ok....that you have no idea what "http," "html" or "url" actually stand for!
(HyperText Transfer Protocol, HyperTextMarkup Language and Uniform Resource Locater. Feel Smarter? You're Welcome!)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Let's Go To Candy Mountain!

I love Charlie the Unicorn!
Some may think its a little childish but, hey I am a child at heart! And, I'm not the only one that digs on this guy. My dogs love the sound of the two unicorns voices. I imitate them and they go CrAzY!

Enjoy one of my favorite clips of Charlie the Unicorn Candy Mountain.