Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ahh....The Simple Things Make Me Grin

I have a few favorite shows that I look forward to watching during the week. Ghost Hunters, Paranormal State, and, I Love money. I just wish that there was a better selection of shows especially on the weekends. You would think there would be a good movie on during this time because, people are usually home over the weekend hanging out. I would rather watch a scary movie or comedy, instead of a stint of old Seinfield re-runs. At least the credit report commercial makes me laugh. I actually laughed my head off about that singing bunny attacked bit a guy, who trades him for the skittles. Don't ask me why but, the simple things, things that other people don't see the humor in, is what makes me throw my head back in laughter.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I Call It a Tune-Up!

I don't keep it a secret that I have been surgically enhanced. Meaning that I have some work done. Not, that I am so vein that I grimace every time I see a new wrinkle or line on my face. I have just gone under the knife to put things back where they are so suppose to be. After having my two kids, my chest rather deflated and, were saying hello to my belly button! I wasn't to happy about that so, i decided to have them fixed. I have always been rather chesty my whole life and, when you go from a D to a flat balloon size of A, it can be rather shocking. Especially, when your daughter at the age of six says something to the effect of why are your boobs hanging down like that? LOL...
I seem to have inherited something called bags under my eyes as well. Not the usual puffiness that people can get from not enough sleep, but, something you could pack your whole closet into. I was looking older than I felt, and, I didn't like it that people always told me I looked so tired or sad all the time. So, about six months ago I had my eyes done. This was rather funny to me because, I looked liked I had been beat up with a baseball bat afterwords. I wasn't prepared what I saw when I looked into the mirror after that one! Ha! But, that said, I am always willing to talk about my experiences with plastic surgery. Its a big decision, a personal one at that. As things fall apart as I age, I would rather have a tune up! I'm not talking outrageous changes like butt implants, or anything. I am all for anyone who decides that it is time to have a little work done. I don't mind talking about it, and, giving any advice to anyone who needs it. So, tomorrow I am having surgery once again but, not for cosmetic reasons, but, for tennis elbow or, lateral epicondylitis
. Not, that I play tennis, but, because I seem to be the one on my side of the family that everything just keeps falling apart! I think I mentioned it before, but, I am the accident proned one, making this like my tenth surgery to date!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Shop Till You Drop!

It's time for back to school shopping! Yay! I don't mind shopping with my teen-age daughter and, wandering around aimlessly for hours, carrying her bags of loot. I actually like to watch people as the give us the up and down looks, and, the boys checking her out. I laugh at myself because, I just want to yank out the voice box's of some of the clothing department employees. I think I was told about the sales going on about three different times by the same blonde girl in the same store! I know that this was the last day of sale on the jeans and, that they were $10 off thank you very much! I can read the signs that are hanging everywhere, how can you miss them? We went to about a dozen stores, one for jeans, one for tops, shoes, underwear, scarves, and jewelry. Doesn't it seem that you get caught in the shopping Bermuda Triangle, and, time stands still? When I finally checked my watch we had been shopping for nearly six hours. OMG...no wonder my hair was flat, my feet hurt, my make-up was gone, I had to pee, and, I was broke! It does pay off to spend the time looking for the best deals though. I think she has enough clothes to get her through the first week of school, Ha!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Caution Slippery Surface!

I can see why the Wii is so popular. My mother-in-law surprised us the other day with a Wii! Somebody was actually clever enough to invent a game you could get your big butt off the couch and, get some exercise! How brilliant! I just didn't expect to feel sore all over from playing video games! I I can see it now, mom's everywhere telling their kids to get in there and, play video games! I wouldn't of believed it myself, if I hadn't stayed up until 3 in the morning playing, golf, baseball, boxing, tennis and, bowling! We picked up another controller so that we could all take turns playing doubles. My husband is leading in Tennis, I have the high score in bowling and, my daughters are kicking butt in all the games. Being a bit on the accident prone side, I just have to be careful not to slip on our wood floors. Just a head's up for anyone playing on slippery surfaces....Don't wear Socks!