Friday, December 19, 2008

Let it Snow!

Frosty the Snowman

I absolutely, positively love when it snows! My mood lifts, and I feel like a kid again! I wait anxiously hoping that it sticks and there will be enough to build a snowman. My wish came true this year with a foot of snow! My family and I had so much fun playing outside 'till late at night! My husband and I took a few walks in the white powder, it was beautiful! I love the sound of
snow crunching beneath our feet as we walked through the neighborhood that glowed winter white! I knew it wouldn't last forever so we took advantage every minute of it! Here are a few pictures!

My Dog Bowie - He loves to eat Snowballs!

My husband, girls and dogs all playing in the snow!

Our backyard you can tell how much it snowed here!

Monday, December 1, 2008

My Office

This is me in my home office where I spend a lot of my time writing!
We actually have an extra building on our lot that has it's own address. My husband keeps telling me he will make it my office. Of course I don't have a lot of privacy but, I love being close to my family and, the wood stove is cozy too!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Scheduled to go Under the Knife Again!

Well, here I am again, on Monday I have yet another surgery. At this point I'm getting rather anxious because, this isn't a minor one. I cant tell you how I feel about having a few of my organs removed. I guess I'm feeling like it's just a dream and I will wake up with no idea what has happened. There are a few preparations that one needs to perform before certain surgery.
# 1. Colon cleansing. This is where you have to drink a certain concoction that makes empties everything inside you so, if the Dr. accidentally nicks your intestines your less proned to infection and, repairing it is easier. I just think it's pure torture. Once you have gone once, it's like all hell broke loose and, think to yourself, "Thank god, that's over!" But, you know what? It's not. You are not able to be more than ten feet from a toilet for about four or more hours! So, it would be wise to do this in the afternoon because you can not eat anything after your all cleaned out.

# 2. After that is done, you are allowed to only drink clear liquids up to midnight. At this point you may feel delirious, have a head ache, nausea and, have cotton mouth. Your Dr. may be nice enough to give you some for the nausea that will follow you up until you stroll into the surgery room. Otherwise, just be sure to carry that little brown bag along, you know, just in case.
# 3. I experience a lot of anxiety before surgery so, I am prescribed a little pill that takes all my worries away. Which actually converts me into a bit of a giggly school girl. My husband will keep me from running into walls so, always have a good chaperon on your day of surgery.
This can be anyone you feel comfortable enough with, just make sure this person has seen you at your worst, throwing up, passing out, and, naked. Basically someone you have gotten shit faced with.
4. Hopefully all goes well and you wake up in your room with nurses yelling at you to breath, and wiggle your toes. If you could actually hear them and, can keep your eyes open, and, actually have any control of your bowels, hopefully that catheter doesn't come out.
# 5. After you regain your senses, speech and motor control, they will let you sit up and, maybe even have some ice chips. I was so upset after one of my surgeries because, I couldn't get my lips to work to make words. So, I tried to sign to my husband that I was thirsty. I was so thirsty that it felt like I had been buried alive.
# 6. You may or may not have a catheter. This is a tube that goes up into your bladder so you can pee. The next morning if you stay over night, depending on your case, you have it removed. This is like having a hairbrush ripped from your urethra! Ask the nurse to get some pain medicine before they kindly pull that out! You could bite your lip so hard you may need stitches! (Not really but, close)
6. Now, be nice to your nurses, because these are the people who are giving you your pain meds. And, if they don't like you for some reason or another they will forget about visiting you on their rounds! If you don't stay on top of the pain, it's hard to get it back under control. I woke up crying my eyes out the first night because, for some reason the nurse skipped me when my dose was due! I think I woke up the whole hospital floor at three in the morning! Let's just say nurses talk, and, they can be real bitches! Thank god I was blessed with a very pleasant nurse for the remainder of my stay.
# 7. Hospitals are suppose to be where you get rest and, recover? Not true, you are woke up every few hours for blood pressure, temperature checks, and, pain control. People coming and going in and out of your room at any given time. If you share a room, your roommate may have visitors, watch t.v. talk on the phone or wont shut the f up because, she's so high on drugs!
Let's say it will be good to be home and in my own bed to recoup!
Wish me luck!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Monday, October 13, 2008

I Love the UFC!

I am a big time fan of the UFC, "Ultimate Fighter Championship". I just watched a fight with one of my favorite fighters Matt Hughes. He is just about the best all around fighter when it comes to the ground and pound, but, has significantly brought his stand up game to the table as well. I always enjoy watching him fight. I think he reminds me so much of my husband, in body type, posture, fight style, and, humbleness. My husbands name is even Matt! The look like they could be brothers! My husband was a state wrestling champion back in the day and, has a mean kickboxing game to go along with it. I always imagine that when Matt Hughes is fighting, its actually my hubby out there! Ha! I even have show my enthusiasm with the cool MMA Clothing that I picked up over the years too! The UFC Rocks!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy Halloween Everyone!

For Shits & Giggles!
This is my dog Bowie....yes, in his Halloween outfit!
He actually loves to play dress up! So, don't think I'm torturing him!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Reality Shows

Who doesn't watch one or more reality shows on TV? Well, I'm right there with you! I guess it's something you are more than likely to get a clip of one of these shows because, they seem to have taken over most of the prime time shows! I do follow "I Love Money." I think it's pretty funny how these people will turn on each other left and right! I'm just wondering if anyone knows when the next episode is going to air? All, that has been playing lately are the re-runs! So, far my favorite episode was when 12-pack got eliminated. I didn't like him in "I Love New York, but, I was rooting for him in "I Love Money." All, I can say is Pumkin is a total back stabber! Poor guy thought he was totally safe at elimination! I was as shocked as he was! What reality shows do you watch? What is your favorite episode & character?


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Premiere Post on Undercover Blonde

I am so honored to be part of a fellow blonde's new addition to her blog!

Undercover Blonde

(Miss Kitty Boston)

Introducing her new "BLONDE DISPATCHES", this will be guest posts written by other women on blondeness, tackling this tenet of the American female beauty myth from various angles.What follows is a the premiere post from her very first blonde correspondent, which would be mine. Please read, comment, & enjoy! Just click here:
Are You a True Blonde?

Reconnecting With the Past

It's crazy how we can simply type in a few letters on our laptops and, find someone from our past. I have entered the Facebook world, looked for one of my girlfriends from High School. I ended up finding her sister which, in turn saw that she had a few friends listed that I knew. So, I clicked on them and, added them as friends with a short note asking if they remembered me. With each person I came across they were friends with someone I knew. It was the domino effect. Within just a few short hours I was reconnected with my past elementary, junior high and, high school classmates! I was overwhelmed! I was stunned to know that a few of my friends actually still thought of me as I did often of them. Remembering old songs, that would occasionally play on the radio, always brought me back to when I was seventeen hanging out at a friend's house. It warmed my heart to know that my thoughts were returned and welcomed. As, I see all these people after twenty years, it's surreal....families, children of their own. They all look so happy as if nothing really changed. I still feel like that teenager, and, as I reconnect with old friend's I can see that all we really did was grow up into adults, still young at heart inside.

(These are all the school I attended)

Friday, September 5, 2008

Are They Really the Law Enforcement?

My personality consists of dry, stupid and wacky humor. All I have to say is Reno 911 is one of my favorite shows. These are some pretty messed up cops but, hilarious!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ahh....The Simple Things Make Me Grin

I have a few favorite shows that I look forward to watching during the week. Ghost Hunters, Paranormal State, and, I Love money. I just wish that there was a better selection of shows especially on the weekends. You would think there would be a good movie on during this time because, people are usually home over the weekend hanging out. I would rather watch a scary movie or comedy, instead of a stint of old Seinfield re-runs. At least the credit report commercial makes me laugh. I actually laughed my head off about that singing bunny attacked bit a guy, who trades him for the skittles. Don't ask me why but, the simple things, things that other people don't see the humor in, is what makes me throw my head back in laughter.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I Call It a Tune-Up!

I don't keep it a secret that I have been surgically enhanced. Meaning that I have some work done. Not, that I am so vein that I grimace every time I see a new wrinkle or line on my face. I have just gone under the knife to put things back where they are so suppose to be. After having my two kids, my chest rather deflated and, were saying hello to my belly button! I wasn't to happy about that so, i decided to have them fixed. I have always been rather chesty my whole life and, when you go from a D to a flat balloon size of A, it can be rather shocking. Especially, when your daughter at the age of six says something to the effect of why are your boobs hanging down like that? LOL...
I seem to have inherited something called bags under my eyes as well. Not the usual puffiness that people can get from not enough sleep, but, something you could pack your whole closet into. I was looking older than I felt, and, I didn't like it that people always told me I looked so tired or sad all the time. So, about six months ago I had my eyes done. This was rather funny to me because, I looked liked I had been beat up with a baseball bat afterwords. I wasn't prepared what I saw when I looked into the mirror after that one! Ha! But, that said, I am always willing to talk about my experiences with plastic surgery. Its a big decision, a personal one at that. As things fall apart as I age, I would rather have a tune up! I'm not talking outrageous changes like butt implants, or anything. I am all for anyone who decides that it is time to have a little work done. I don't mind talking about it, and, giving any advice to anyone who needs it. So, tomorrow I am having surgery once again but, not for cosmetic reasons, but, for tennis elbow or, lateral epicondylitis
. Not, that I play tennis, but, because I seem to be the one on my side of the family that everything just keeps falling apart! I think I mentioned it before, but, I am the accident proned one, making this like my tenth surgery to date!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Shop Till You Drop!

It's time for back to school shopping! Yay! I don't mind shopping with my teen-age daughter and, wandering around aimlessly for hours, carrying her bags of loot. I actually like to watch people as the give us the up and down looks, and, the boys checking her out. I laugh at myself because, I just want to yank out the voice box's of some of the clothing department employees. I think I was told about the sales going on about three different times by the same blonde girl in the same store! I know that this was the last day of sale on the jeans and, that they were $10 off thank you very much! I can read the signs that are hanging everywhere, how can you miss them? We went to about a dozen stores, one for jeans, one for tops, shoes, underwear, scarves, and jewelry. Doesn't it seem that you get caught in the shopping Bermuda Triangle, and, time stands still? When I finally checked my watch we had been shopping for nearly six hours. wonder my hair was flat, my feet hurt, my make-up was gone, I had to pee, and, I was broke! It does pay off to spend the time looking for the best deals though. I think she has enough clothes to get her through the first week of school, Ha!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Caution Slippery Surface!

I can see why the Wii is so popular. My mother-in-law surprised us the other day with a Wii! Somebody was actually clever enough to invent a game you could get your big butt off the couch and, get some exercise! How brilliant! I just didn't expect to feel sore all over from playing video games! I I can see it now, mom's everywhere telling their kids to get in there and, play video games! I wouldn't of believed it myself, if I hadn't stayed up until 3 in the morning playing, golf, baseball, boxing, tennis and, bowling! We picked up another controller so that we could all take turns playing doubles. My husband is leading in Tennis, I have the high score in bowling and, my daughters are kicking butt in all the games. Being a bit on the accident prone side, I just have to be careful not to slip on our wood floors. Just a head's up for anyone playing on slippery surfaces....Don't wear Socks!

Monday, July 28, 2008


Growing up, I loved the ocean and, my dad taught me how to body surf at an early age. I still love the ocean, surfing, boogie boarding and, wake boarding. There is just something about the water that makes me happy, calm, and free. But, what does it feel like to be in the water and, not knowing what lurks beneath the dark water below? I have been in this scenario many times being that I frequent the surf as much as I possibly can. The thoughts of the day that I was out on my surf board enjoying the water, was all brought back by "Shark Week" on the Discovery Channel. I have nothing against sharks, I am in awe of them. These animals have such a bad reputation and, are probably the most misunderstood animal on the planet. Everyone has their own opinion of course, myself being one of them. We are not born to inhabit the ocean, we are land lubbers. The ocean is the shark's home, it eats there, and, we are considered fair game in their environment. So, it brings me back to that day I was out straddling my surfboard waiting for a good set and, was nudged by one. It happened without warning, it came and, went rather quickly. I knew exactly what it was, because the shape of it in the water left nothing to the imagination. The next thing I knew I was paddling to shore as fast as I could. I don't remember a lot of the details of this episode because, my survival pilot light was on! I just know that it's something that I would rather not experience again! Although, I do enjoy my water sports, this will always be in the back of the mind, "what is lurking beneath me?" It's actually very rare that I will ever be an shark attack victim, I have a better chance being hit by lighting.

Actual Shark Attack On Surfer

Sunday, July 27, 2008

What Kind of Blonde Are You?

The definition of blonde is someone with light colored hair. So, I ask this, if you are a true blonde, does this ultimately determine that you are dumb? What about brunettes that bleach their hair blonde. Does this turn them into a dumb blonde? I would have to say I have met my fair share of dumb brunettes as well as dumb blondes and, I don't think the shade of hair has anything to do with personality. You are who you are. The term dumb blonde must of been retrieved from the big Hollywood blonde bombshell icons. Like Marilyn Monroe, who played the ditsy blonde in a lot of movies. Woman of course followed course and, whether they were dumb or not, acted the part. This has carried it's way over the decades with today's blonde celebrities such as Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears, Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton, Tera Reid, and, the list goes on...
So, Take this Quiz and, find out what kind of blonde you are!
Click Here: Blonde Quiz

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Alaska Is Apparently Not an Island!

This may sound pretty lame but, I would have to say it's not entirely my fault. Who ever developed the map of America really messed up young minds. Because, back in school I can remember the map hanging up behind my teacher's desk and, always thought that is how the land looked. No, not flat, I'm not that dumb! But, how some of the areas weren't connected when they were supposed to be! So, that's why I had it in my head until a few years ago that the map was very misleading. The conversation came up about going on a trip to Alaska. I said, well, we would have to take the boat. Seriously....I said this and, truly believed it. That's what the map said! Am I wrong? If you pull out a map, Alaska isn't attached, it's floating out there in the ocean like a big piece of poop! Compare it to Hawaii, which I knew for sure was an island. I argued this fact that if you look at the map, that Alaska is an island! My family incessantly argued that you can drive to Alaska! This pretty much shattered my whole belief in the education system. If you have a job at recording data for the sake of teaching others, wouldn't you be sure you do it accurately?

Friday, July 25, 2008

Where's Daria?

Remember Daria's World? What ever happened to this show? Are there any re-runs going on or what? I love her apparent sense of humor that reminds me of one of my great friends from High school. Anyway, remember the dumb blonde character Brittany? Yes, the total stereo typed who dated the Jock, Kevin who was even dumber than her. Yes, I was a cheerleader but, a far cry from the typical dumb one. I was actually very shy and, quiet. Don't ask me how I pulled off the whole cheerleading career in school. I guess I wouldn't of done it if it weren't for my best friend, we were inseparable. Now that I'm all grown up I look at those cheerleader types today. I can see why people hated them. My daughter is in High School and, I can tell you nothing has changed. High School is High School no matter what day and age it is. There are still dumb cheerleaders, Jocks, Stoners, Loners, Rockers, and, now the new group "Emos." But, that's a whole other subject. Here's one of my favorite clips of Daria's world. Enjoy!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Please Be Kind Rewind!

Now that everyone has successfully upgraded from their VCR's to DVD players, and, traded in all their VHS tapes to DVD's, the switch came easier to some than others. It's not that I had an actual hard time adjusting to our new DVD player but, there were a few small steps that weren't easily forgotten. Learning how to run the DVD player, was just another quick flip through the manual and, learning how to fly through the menu which, I think is pretty cool. No more waiting on the fast forward button to get to that "favorite part" of the movie. The first few times we watched a movie on our new DVD player, my husband kindly asked, "Can you rewind it please?" I reluctantly got up from my comfortable spot on the couch, and, started to look for the rewind button. All I could hear is laughter as, I asked, "where is the button?"
How many times has this happened to you?
I will say probably never... but, whether I'm blonde or not, this has happened to me more times than I care to admit.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The OMG UR A PIG Phone!

With all the choices in cell phones these days, it's no wonder it's hard to choose or determine one from another! Advertising has a big part in coming up with clever jingles, and, celebrities to push the latest in this must have technology. I don't know how I made it through my life as a teenager without a cell phone, my space or tivo! When I look back, Pong, space invaders and Pac-Man where the coolest adaptations to a very primal gaming system. That was the closest I ever came to real technology in the eighties. I felt so privileged!
But, now I get lost in this sea of technology and, the only way I really keep up is what I see on these commercials! My daughter wants one of those new LG shine phones and, my response was a total blonde one at that. "Oh!" I Said, the "OMG UR A PIG phone!" You can imagine the look on her face. I wasn't really referring to it as that was what it was actually called. I was thinking of the commercial I saw! The one with Lauren Conrad and, Brody Jenner sitting at an outside cafe, when, two hot girls walked by, Brody was immediately distracted from Lauren's conversation with him. Lauren Conrad catches Brody Jenner checking out the ladies with his AT&T LG Shine! This is what she text him on his bright and shiny phone! That's how I knew what phone she was talking about! So, when it's time to go and buy her the new cell phone, this is what I'm going to ask for! Excuse me, we would like the OMG UR A PIG PHONE in shiny silver please!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Crazy Women Drivers!

I admit women drivers can be totally crazy insane. I was heading home on "River road," a pretty dangerous road to drive. I hate it. Anyway, this chic in a little black car was swerving in and, out of traffic, passing cars and, happened upon the ass of my Durango. She must of been in a hurry or, in a really pissed off mood because, she gave me the bird! I could see her in her steaming behind her sunglasses because, I was doing the speed limit! She road my ass for at least a mile or so, until she passed me on the left hand side in the turn lane. Now if you know River Road, this is the road of death. There have been so many fatal accidents on this stretch of roadway. One of which, my friend had actually hit and killed someone!
This crazy driver passed me and, others as she whizzed in and, out of traffic like a hoe running from her pimp! At the next light I jotted her license plate down and, had my daughter call in a reckless driver report to the police. Who knows what will be done about this stupid girl but, if she keeps driving like this, she won't make it to her next date!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Horror Movies...

I absolutely love horror movies. The scarier the better. We just watched Dawn of the Dead and, I have to say it's non-stop bloody action from the start! Imagine trying to save your husband's life while he tries to take a bite our of your neck! This poor woman wakes up to her whole neighborhood in utter chaos! Looking around and, everywhere you look people are eating each other! What a nightmare! All the media can say is "they don't know what is going on!" What if this actually happened? Not like the way movies can glorify blood and, guts. But, if some way a toxic agent or chemical warfare was used to make people lose their minds and, attack each other. I was try to think of what I would do in a situation like that. I will look at hubby and, say, we need a plan! We need to put together a survival pack, stocking up on gasoline, cash, food, and ammo! I even ask, "can you take me to the gun range to learn how to shoot?" And, then I say, "I want a gun!" You should see the look on his face! It's like he fell in love with me all over again! Ha! No, seriously, if you look at it this way, what would you do if something outrageous happened, like another terror attack or something. Would you rather be prepared or caught off guard? I would personally like to have a plan man when and, if something goes down! So, with that said, I'm off to the shooting range!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Dedication to Blondes

What really goes on in a blonde woman's head? Not much at the answer I hear a lot. I have heard all the jokes, laughed at them and, myself! I don't really care what people think or say. I dedicate this blog to all the bright, funny, witty, charming, and intelligent blonde's everywhere! So there! Ha!