Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Reconnecting With the Past

It's crazy how we can simply type in a few letters on our laptops and, find someone from our past. I have entered the Facebook world, looked for one of my girlfriends from High School. I ended up finding her sister which, in turn saw that she had a few friends listed that I knew. So, I clicked on them and, added them as friends with a short note asking if they remembered me. With each person I came across they were friends with someone I knew. It was the domino effect. Within just a few short hours I was reconnected with my past elementary, junior high and, high school classmates! I was overwhelmed! I was stunned to know that a few of my friends actually still thought of me as I did often of them. Remembering old songs, that would occasionally play on the radio, always brought me back to when I was seventeen hanging out at a friend's house. It warmed my heart to know that my thoughts were returned and welcomed. As, I see all these people after twenty years, it's surreal....families, children of their own. They all look so happy as if nothing really changed. I still feel like that teenager, and, as I reconnect with old friend's I can see that all we really did was grow up into adults, still young at heart inside.

(These are all the school I attended)

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