Monday, October 13, 2008

I Love the UFC!

I am a big time fan of the UFC, "Ultimate Fighter Championship". I just watched a fight with one of my favorite fighters Matt Hughes. He is just about the best all around fighter when it comes to the ground and pound, but, has significantly brought his stand up game to the table as well. I always enjoy watching him fight. I think he reminds me so much of my husband, in body type, posture, fight style, and, humbleness. My husbands name is even Matt! The look like they could be brothers! My husband was a state wrestling champion back in the day and, has a mean kickboxing game to go along with it. I always imagine that when Matt Hughes is fighting, its actually my hubby out there! Ha! I even have show my enthusiasm with the cool MMA Clothing that I picked up over the years too! The UFC Rocks!

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