Wednesday, May 27, 2009

2009 MTV Movie Awards!

Okay everyone! The day is quickly approaching for the 2009 MTV Movie Awards! I am excited because being a Twilight Fan, the new preview of the second book "New Moon" will be shown! I think Jacob Black will be the up can coming heart throb passing up Edward in this one! New Moon is expected to release in November of this year sometime so, my anticipation grows!


Aaron said...

Hey Leese,

Aaron from the Microsoft Live Search Outreach Team here...

Looks like you're a huge Twighlight fan. Just wanted to share a super sweet feature from Live Search where you can search for "MTV Awards" and have all the info of when, who will be there, and hilarious promo videos from Adam Samberg right there on your first results page. If you search there after the awards show, you'll see an entire list of who the winners were.

All links point back to, we just help you find what you want:'re also one click away from voting for Twilight!

katy said...

i love me some twilight can't wait till new moon comes out..