Sunday, August 9, 2009

Another Obsession of Mine...

The obsessive type person I am is why it explains why I have been hooked on Family Guy. I was pretty skeptical at first when a friend I suggested watching. I was only familiar with the previews and short clips that are run on three different channels it runs on. In fact the first time I watched it I fell in love with the devious little baby Stewie who is more of an adult than most I know in real life! I'm only aware when I watch that Stewie's parents are the only ones who can't actually hear him. Good thing because he is always planning to kill Louis his mother, and insult his father Peter, "the dumb ass."
I can actually imitate Stewie's voice now quite well and well now and, quote lines from my favorite episodes. "Deuce"and "blast" have become two of my curse words and let's just say gets a chuckle now and then at home.
Brian the talking dog is also my favortie out of the family, he is smart and witty and did I mention he talks? This pup is the brains of the family and, I wonder as I look at my dogs what they would say if they could talk! Ha! I can only imagine!
So, here I am now setting the reminder on my TV when it shows...even the re-runs I find myself laughing over and over again. On Monday and Tuesdays I am treated with a back to back two hour run of Family Guy and try and stay up for the late night airings at eleven.
As I type this up I have Stewie peering at me on my desktop saver and just have to smirk!

(My favorite clip - Over)

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