Monday, January 24, 2011


I thought I'd explain a little about my connection with the military and how it coincides with my disposition. It may seem a little bit of a stretch of my outward appearance but, its always been in some way a part of my life. I have been drawn to warfare video games and have watched every military movie and documentary I think has been out. And why? I grew up looking up to a man in uniform, a Marine, my father, my hero. A man who would take me to the firing range on weekends so he could qualify, and sit and watch endless combat driven movies with me and discuss tactics and procedures. How to defend myself in hand to hand and pitch a tent while sporting an ass pack. Eating those awful tasting M.R.E.'s as snacks and as meals when food was low at the home front. My favorite were the peanut butter and crackers. The powdered milk on the other hand was just plain awful.
I may have been in a way the son he didn't have but, I didn't mind. I was a tomboy and proud of it. I could catch more fish than any other boy my age at the time. I even had a paper route at the age of eleven which my dad would wake with me at o dark thirty on Saturdays and Sundays to deliver papers. I can still hear his relentless revely, revely, 1st call to breakfast wake up calls.
When it came time to graduate I had already had a visit from the Marine recruiter and passed all the tests to enlist. But, my passion for art and writing is what lured me to follow that dream. I do look back and think where and what I could of become if I chose the route of a soldier. I just know in my heart my dad is proud of me of the person I have become, thanks to him.

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