Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Working from Home

I love my job for many reasons. The fact that I work from home is just one of them. I can literally, get up, grab my cup of coffee, and turn on my computer and I'm at work! My dogs seem to relish in the idea of mom being home all day to cuddle up with or keep the feet warm. In this picture you see Bowie (under my desk) my five year old peki-pom-chi who is my baby. The little guy is his son one of two pups that where born on Valentines day. My youngest daughter now has her very own dog whom she named Kodiak. (Kodiak like the bear because, he looked like a bear cub when he was born.) These little guys are much like my kids but the perk? They don't sass back and love me unconditionally! Cheers!

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Sarah Smith said...

I myself also work at home, it is nice not have to travel to work or get in proper work attire to actually work.