Saturday, August 9, 2008

Shop Till You Drop!

It's time for back to school shopping! Yay! I don't mind shopping with my teen-age daughter and, wandering around aimlessly for hours, carrying her bags of loot. I actually like to watch people as the give us the up and down looks, and, the boys checking her out. I laugh at myself because, I just want to yank out the voice box's of some of the clothing department employees. I think I was told about the sales going on about three different times by the same blonde girl in the same store! I know that this was the last day of sale on the jeans and, that they were $10 off thank you very much! I can read the signs that are hanging everywhere, how can you miss them? We went to about a dozen stores, one for jeans, one for tops, shoes, underwear, scarves, and jewelry. Doesn't it seem that you get caught in the shopping Bermuda Triangle, and, time stands still? When I finally checked my watch we had been shopping for nearly six hours. wonder my hair was flat, my feet hurt, my make-up was gone, I had to pee, and, I was broke! It does pay off to spend the time looking for the best deals though. I think she has enough clothes to get her through the first week of school, Ha!

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