Friday, July 18, 2008

Crazy Women Drivers!

I admit women drivers can be totally crazy insane. I was heading home on "River road," a pretty dangerous road to drive. I hate it. Anyway, this chic in a little black car was swerving in and, out of traffic, passing cars and, happened upon the ass of my Durango. She must of been in a hurry or, in a really pissed off mood because, she gave me the bird! I could see her in her steaming behind her sunglasses because, I was doing the speed limit! She road my ass for at least a mile or so, until she passed me on the left hand side in the turn lane. Now if you know River Road, this is the road of death. There have been so many fatal accidents on this stretch of roadway. One of which, my friend had actually hit and killed someone!
This crazy driver passed me and, others as she whizzed in and, out of traffic like a hoe running from her pimp! At the next light I jotted her license plate down and, had my daughter call in a reckless driver report to the police. Who knows what will be done about this stupid girl but, if she keeps driving like this, she won't make it to her next date!

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