Sunday, July 20, 2008

The OMG UR A PIG Phone!

With all the choices in cell phones these days, it's no wonder it's hard to choose or determine one from another! Advertising has a big part in coming up with clever jingles, and, celebrities to push the latest in this must have technology. I don't know how I made it through my life as a teenager without a cell phone, my space or tivo! When I look back, Pong, space invaders and Pac-Man where the coolest adaptations to a very primal gaming system. That was the closest I ever came to real technology in the eighties. I felt so privileged!
But, now I get lost in this sea of technology and, the only way I really keep up is what I see on these commercials! My daughter wants one of those new LG shine phones and, my response was a total blonde one at that. "Oh!" I Said, the "OMG UR A PIG phone!" You can imagine the look on her face. I wasn't really referring to it as that was what it was actually called. I was thinking of the commercial I saw! The one with Lauren Conrad and, Brody Jenner sitting at an outside cafe, when, two hot girls walked by, Brody was immediately distracted from Lauren's conversation with him. Lauren Conrad catches Brody Jenner checking out the ladies with his AT&T LG Shine! This is what she text him on his bright and shiny phone! That's how I knew what phone she was talking about! So, when it's time to go and buy her the new cell phone, this is what I'm going to ask for! Excuse me, we would like the OMG UR A PIG PHONE in shiny silver please!

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