Friday, July 25, 2008

Where's Daria?

Remember Daria's World? What ever happened to this show? Are there any re-runs going on or what? I love her apparent sense of humor that reminds me of one of my great friends from High school. Anyway, remember the dumb blonde character Brittany? Yes, the total stereo typed who dated the Jock, Kevin who was even dumber than her. Yes, I was a cheerleader but, a far cry from the typical dumb one. I was actually very shy and, quiet. Don't ask me how I pulled off the whole cheerleading career in school. I guess I wouldn't of done it if it weren't for my best friend, we were inseparable. Now that I'm all grown up I look at those cheerleader types today. I can see why people hated them. My daughter is in High School and, I can tell you nothing has changed. High School is High School no matter what day and age it is. There are still dumb cheerleaders, Jocks, Stoners, Loners, Rockers, and, now the new group "Emos." But, that's a whole other subject. Here's one of my favorite clips of Daria's world. Enjoy!

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Noemie said...

i miss Daria! really, where did it go?