Saturday, July 26, 2008

Alaska Is Apparently Not an Island!

This may sound pretty lame but, I would have to say it's not entirely my fault. Who ever developed the map of America really messed up young minds. Because, back in school I can remember the map hanging up behind my teacher's desk and, always thought that is how the land looked. No, not flat, I'm not that dumb! But, how some of the areas weren't connected when they were supposed to be! So, that's why I had it in my head until a few years ago that the map was very misleading. The conversation came up about going on a trip to Alaska. I said, well, we would have to take the boat. Seriously....I said this and, truly believed it. That's what the map said! Am I wrong? If you pull out a map, Alaska isn't attached, it's floating out there in the ocean like a big piece of poop! Compare it to Hawaii, which I knew for sure was an island. I argued this fact that if you look at the map, that Alaska is an island! My family incessantly argued that you can drive to Alaska! This pretty much shattered my whole belief in the education system. If you have a job at recording data for the sake of teaching others, wouldn't you be sure you do it accurately?

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Anonymous said...

You meant o say they didn't have a globe in your geography class...